About Us

Prerna Punj Public School , established in the year 2011 , PP Public School stands apart in the galaxy of good public schools in Telhara region.

It is affiliated to C.B.S.E and managed by Prachi.

The motto of the school is to promote a well-balanced and holistic developmet of students.

PPPS has today, etched a name for itself not merely as an abode of learning but as an " for we are a school that believes that education lies beyond the text book and the true learning comes from self enquiry and research, from discussion, from reading, and from encouraging the natural curiosity of young minds. We hone their talents, sculpt their inherent potentials, chisel their thinking prowess not through teaching but by facilitating. We lead them to the threshold of learning from where they grasp each lesson of life on their own and prove to be the true citizens of India.


Is to be a Centre of Educational Excellence for all children, dedicated to produce responsible citizens and strong leaders for the future-to provide a holistic, stimulating, friendly & safe environment to the students who would come out fully equipped with 21st century skills and enriched and would be able to enjoy the journey of life with a smile on their faces, spark in their eyes and wisdom in their thoughts and actions.


The school stands committed to provide quality education through tested and accepted procedures and processes that aim at continual improvement of the learners;an education for human excellence, which helps children, grow into responsible citizens of their country who will build a caring and sharing society. The school's curriculum woven with the strings of knowledge and culture and a host of co-curricular activities, aims at building integrated and wholesome personalities, who are not only equipped with the 21st century skills, but are also equipped with a strong value system. They are fearless, bold and confident, open and receptive, creative and imaginative, active and perceptive and yet kind, soft-spoken and well-behaved, disciplined and dedicated, hardworking and sincere and above all cheerful and smiling.